Write a program in c++ to display n terms of natural number and their sum

More refined, if we write the solution as a recursive function that will take parameters n disks and 3 pegs (hanoiTowers (n, A, B, C)) and if we start with n disks on peg A and 0 disks on both pegs B and C, the algorithm is: In the initial state (all disks on peg A), solve the problem hanoiTowers (n-1, A, C, B). In other words, you have here ... For example: if an integer 6 is given as input, then the below given C program will display the natural numbers as 1,2,3,4,5,6 and sum as 21. The below given C program will find sum and display first n natural numbers. Kindly check out the program to find the sum of first n natural numbers and display first n natural numbers

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This article will help you understand and also implement a program to check Armstrong number in C After this, we compare the sum to the num variable containing the user input number inside an if statement. If the sum is equal to num then it is an Armstrong number and the if part will be executed.The initial value of a named constant, cannot be changed during the program execution. A named constant must be initialized with a value at the time it is declared. The following statement sets sum1, sum2, and sum3 all to zero.

C C++ and Java programming tutorials and programs. Sum of digits C program to calculate the sum of digits of a number, we use modulus operator (%) to extract individual digits of a number and keep on adding them.

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