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The dot/cross representation of covalent bonds can be simplified by just drawing single lines to depict the covalent bonds. Dative covalent bonding A normal covalent bond involves the sharing of a pair of electrons between 2 atoms, with each atoms contributing one electron to the bond. hydrogen bond (H-bond). The partial negative charge (δ-) comes from one of the electronegative elements F, O or N. These are called H-bond acceptors. The partial positive charge (δ+) comes from an H bonded directly to one of these elements (O-H, N-H, F-H). These are called H-bond donors. Both a donor and an acceptor are needed to form an H-bond.

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Statements like ethanol has hydrogen bonding, or contains hydrogen bonds are too vague, and potentially hint at a misunderstanding. Some students mistakenly believe the hydrogen bond in ethanol is the actual O-H covalent bond within the molecule. Any confusion with covalent bonds will result in losing all the marks in the question. Dec 12, 2017 · 13) Oxygen, nitrogen, and fluorine bond with hydrogen to form molecules. These molecules are attracted to each other by a) coordinate covalent bonds c) ionic bonds b) electrovalent bonds d) hydrogen bonds 14) The bond between hydrogen and oxygen in a water molecule is classified as a) covalent and nonpolar c) ionic and polar

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